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Harvard Business School Essay on an Ethical Dilemma

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❶If we see them, we reserve the right to remove them. The hardest part about this essay is often finding the right topic, so the following is a list of possible scenarios to spark your thinking.

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As Shaw et al. In contrast, non-consequentialist theories are solely concerned with an action, regardless of after-effects. For instance, take a provoked community debate about abortion.

Non-consequentialist will defend foetus as a human being in all circumstances and regardless of consequences, where consequentialist will advocate ethical justification for abortion on case-by-case basis Preston, Psychological theory is about what we should do. It says that we should, or ought to, act only in our own interest Narveson, Marketing manager should decide what his long term goal is; career with current employer or will he easy accept option to find another job, if needed.

Contrary, if I am an individual ethical egoist it could happen that on a long run by achieving self-interest, others believes, reactions and attitudes may well have a direct impact upon my own interest Shaw at al, In other words, it means, someone to whom a person with moral dilemma has close relationship, can have influence on decision making process on long run. Nowadays our communities are facing very complex dilemmas therefore ethical egoism is not a preferred pathway to be followed.

It does not offers consistent method of resolving conflicts of self-interest. Negotiation, compromise and self-sacrifice are required to successfully solve dilemmas in communities. The second consequential ethics theory is utilitarianism which claims that: In other words, following utilitarian standards is ethical; not following is not Klein, This theory is organised around analysing consequences, how actions will affect people involved. None of actions are ever right or wrong when you are taking a closer look at the act from different points of view Desjardins, In that scenario he will need to place promising new drug on the market.

Actual consequences are irrelevant; rules are logically prior to acts. If an act is inconsistent with an acceptable rule than the act is morally wrong. Kant believed morality is natural to people and it is discovered not created. This theory is not bothered with consequences after that. Delving too far into your past is an obvious cop-out. Do not limit yourself to professional failures, but do not shy away from them either.

Admissions committees are aware of the risk inherent in choosing job failures and will give you points for being forthright. Athletic failures are trite. Do not choose anything overly dramatic or that would call your morals into question. The reader should be able to relate to your failure, not be shocked by it. If you cannot clearly state what you learned from the incident or the actions that you took to amend it, then pick something else.

When you are writing, take a simple, straightforward, objective tone. Do not try to excuse your actions. Let your story speak for itself. Keep your essay as concise as possible.

This essay appears unedited for instructional purposes. Yes, the art of storytelling has won presidency for Obama, transformed Apple from an unknown start-up to a brand synonymous with Quality, and gained admission for the average MBA Applicant.

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Dilemma: An argument presenting two or more equally conclusive alternatives against an opponent (according to Merriam-Webster) Over the years, we have found that one of the essay questions that gives candidates the most grief is the dreaded “ethical dilemma” question. Although most candidates.

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Oppositely subjective site of an ethical dilemma is when an emotional component has affected an individual’s response the way a dilemma was seen and settled (MacNiven, ). As a guide by solving ethical dilemmas moral judgements are used. The MBA Ethics Essay. The heart of an ethical dilemma essay is a difficult choice that tests your values and character. The choice can come from your personal or professional life, but you must demonstrate your ability to analyze a difficult situation, present the pros and cons of your options, and explain the principles or values that guided your final decision.

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For example, if your essay involves you struggling against temptation to make the ethical choice, then that is not a dilemma. A dilemma must involve two choices . Another common mba essay question is - What does an “ethic” mean to you and how important is it? Give a specific example (e.g. decisions you had to make in the past) to illustrate this. This example should emphasis how you were able to negotiate on the new course of action that was ethical. 3).