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6 Ways Social Media Is Doing More Harm Than Good

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❶The paper will be delivered to your personal account before the deadline. It is what we decide to share on social media that determines what gets attention.

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The Influence of the Internet: More Harm than Good or Vice Versa

Every morning, my eyes pop open with the thought, "I need to post. The experts tell me it has to be done no later than 8: My second thought is, "Post what? What words of wisdom do I have today? Then of course, there are the related tasks: Do I really have this kind of time? But if I disappear from this scene for a couple of weeks, people start emailing to ask if I've died.

So I keep posting, sharing, tweeting, and liking. Spending an hour a day on social media amounts to nine weeks a year! That's enough to complete a couple of college courses. Some people spend twice that amount of time on social media. Think what they could create, build, give, or learn with that time. It costs money -- and it going to start costing much more as sites find new ways to monetize.

All the social media sites started out free to users. Now that users have been enticed and hooked, Facebook has started to monetize its business pages. LinkedIn also has an upgraded plan. Before long, all will be charging except for the very basic features. In addition to the monetization by the social media sites who can blame them; every business needs to make money , many individuals and businesses now even hire marketing teams to "participate" for them online.

That is, the marketing team posts and responds for them online and becomes their online "presence" -- another cost of social media. It has become noise and clutter, not communication.

Individuals and small businesses used to say that the internet and social media leveled the playing field -- that they could occasionally toss in a mention about their product or service on their personal pages or blog and no one would mind.

But now, everyone uses social media for that purpose. Every day, you get messages about free webinars, free teleseminars, free BlogTalkRadio shows, free reports, free white papers, and free downloadable ebooks.

Teachers should take the time to educate their students about the consequences of harassing others online. I believe teachers should share cases of cyber bullying victims and explain to students that this is an issue that arises when we make the decision to hurt another.

Just like bullying, cyber bullying is often done for a reason. Some of those reasons can range from lack of self-esteem, to depression, to even lack of support from family and friends. While, there is no logical reason to harass another via social media, it should still be addressed to prevent future cases.

Parents should get involved as well by warning their children that the Internet may not always be a safe place, but educating them about these bullies will give them a better understanding as to why they do it in the first place. I believe that if teachers and parents are aware of the online activity, it will help reduce the chances of their students or children being victims or bullies themselves.

This quote supports the impact that a teacher or parent can have on a child who uses social media. Another way to address cyber bullying is through continued public awareness, which is used today.

There are many organizations that promote anti-cyber bullying with ads and projects. This is affective in getting the message across. Overall, cyber bullying can be prevented indefinitely. I believe through education and public awareness at an early age, the issue can diminish within each generation. There are no new laws that can accomplish this, but solely putting effort into teaching young individuals about it, can successfully implement a standard to live by.

By doing so, the Internet can become a community for like-minded individuals. One last issue with social media is the amount of false and unreliable information that it spreads. While the Internet is a place to freely express yourself, users tend to take advantage of that benefit. When an event takes places and is broadcasted through the news, social media can easily manipulate information into a completely different story. The New York Stock Exchange had flooded. A hospital in Brooklyn was burning.

Utility company Consolidated Edison was cutting power to all of Manhattan. Once again, this issue needs to be addressed publicly. I believe for as long as the Internet exists, rumors will always be a part of it. It is what we decide to share on social media that determines what gets attention. I believe that when a story such as this gets media attention, there are many out there who know it is wrong and report it.

I feel as though once it reaches a set number of reports it should be taken down immediately. Although this is a system used today, it normally takes a long period of time for it to be taken down. I believe the minimum should be reports so that it does not reach media attention.

This sets a limit to prevent the spread of false news stories and information. The result would make it more difficult to post lies about major events and or people. This sets a rule on social media, which can be affective. This may not make social media any safer but it can prevent circulating rumors from damaging society.

As social media is continuously advancing, so will its generation. The issues on social media that never get resolved only develop into greater problems for the future. No laws can change what we create and choose to put online.

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The Influence of the Internet: More Harm than Good or Vice Versa August 26th, Ann In our times, it is hardly possible to find someone who has never heard about the advantages and opportunities offered to modern people by the Internet, the worldwide network of public computers that allows its users to exchange information.

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Jul 10,  · The internet is a great source of information, with virtually limitless boundaries. As the days go by, the internet is in a constant expansion, much like the universe itself, as more and more information becomes available.

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The Internet can influence us in many different ways. The internet is a great resource for subject you need help with. Without the internet we would be looking through book for hours, most books can be outdated. It helps us stay up to date with the latest news. The internet is made up of information that anyone can put up, even you. THBT that the internet brings more harm than good. Examples of harm: 1. Pornography - a lot of rapists and sexual offenders start off with pornography 2. Horror - screamers and horror movies, that traumatize people, especially children 3.

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The Internet bring more harm than good for government and media authorities, because they are no longer monopolise knowledge and citizen’s voice. Loss of privacy is big issue for Internet, but for ordinary people, it doesn’t really matter. It is true that the Internet has not completely brought harm to the society. It is true that the Internet has improved the lives of others and even saved people from disaster. but, we .