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“Just Walk on by: Black Man in Public Space Essay Sample

“Just Walk on by: Black Man in Public Space Essay Sample

❶He challenges it by giving multiple examples of not only how he doesn't belong to this stereotype, but how he also goes out of his way to make sure people are comfortable with his presence.

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Just Walk On By: A Black Man Ponders His Power to Alter Public Space Essay Sample
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In his essay Staples does not necessarily state why people cast judgment upon him but as I read between the lines it was clear that the harsh treatment he received was engendered by a stereo type that was placed on his ethnic group.

At a first glance from a distance, people only see a black man, which instills great fear in people because being a person of color meant you were potentially dangerous to society. Why were people of color marked as dangerous? Perhaps because at the time Americans were mechanical and routine and there was only one right way, one right color.

People were probably surprised to see him holding a briefcase on his way to the office and wonder if black me can really do what everybody else can and perhaps even better. Brent Staples has gone through a lot of hardship because of the color of his skin. It seems like he has made tenacious attempts throughout his life to become something else something better than what people see him as.

He had to lose himself to be able to move forward yet he still does not receive the respect that he is deserving of. While Staples is riding in his car at night, police officers do not see a successful journalist. All people really see is a black man; all they see is danger, a big red hazard sign to society. I am somewhat relatable to Staples. I am an 18 year old young woman; most lower class Mexicans in my town assume I am white or European because of my light complexion and hazel eyes.

They also assume that I come from a wealthy family because of my taste in clothes. I am often disliked by the girls in my town because I am different than them. Like Staples I look different, dress different, and behave different than the girls in my neighborhood.

Fortunately my grandmother worked extremely hard to provide a better life for my sisters and me so that we would be able to rise above the standards of our society. Girls in my neighborhood judge me and think that my family is wealthy or that I am spoiled because of my styles and aspirations.

They do not know that the only thing that was given to me was bare necessities and those were always generic brand things. About sixty-million people are here documented as illiterate. While successive Presidents have not had a firm policy against illiteracy, they also lacked the moral value and willingness to fight illiteracy. Utility companies misinform the illiterate and lure them into contracts not favorable to them. These are issues of moral value at individual levels which can be corrected.

Their rights exist in print, but not in fact? Due to this they cannot make any informed choices and actions on such issues and the choices they make might be influenced most by the person reading for them. So, yes they are half-citizens. I agree that those who are illiterate are challenged. Also in fear of stigmatization, illiterates tend to remain within their specific geographical locality geographical paralysis which contributes to their ignorance. Yes, recently I was in a cultural setup I did not know anything about.

At first I felt out of place but then I realized that being physically out of place does not mean my mind cannot be in place, I wanted to know more about the culture. Magazine Feminist magazine White female audience Why? Persuasive Confront stereotypes Broaden perspectives "We often understand black experience as if were an 'other' Staples shows us an American life, not different but Support Warrants Personal Anecdotes Audience Warrants Stereotypes "It was clear that she thought herself the quarry of a mugger, a rapist, or worse" Staples Author Warrants Every black man has had similar experiences "Such episodes are not uncommon.

Black men trade tales like this all the time" Staples Address of Audience Warrants Insight "Suffering a bout of insomnia, however, I was stalking sleep, not defenseless wayfarers" Staples Empathy "I understand, of course, that the danger they perceive is not a hallucination" Staples What are the advantages to these ways of addressing warrants?

Reflection on Anecdotes Qualifiers "Yet these truths are no solace against the kind of alienation that comes of being ever the suspect, a fearsome entity with whom to avoid making eye contact" Staples How does this reflection upon his experience influence the pathos of the claim?

Black Men and Public Space," personal anecdotes persuade white America to think about and recognize the perception of racial stereotypes in the black community, in order to promote awareness of the emotional and physical consequences that result from a group's limited perspective. Enumeratio Onomatopoeia What is the significance of Staples' acknowledgement of this behavior in more than just whites? I whistle melodies from Beethoven and Vivaldi and the more popular classical composers" Staples How does this diction contribute to your perception of Staples, and why is this relevant?

What kinds of things do you associate with Beethoven and Vivaldi? How does the qualification of this statement affect Staples' ethos and logos? How does this statement qualify Staples' earlier story?

Does this strengthen or weaken the essay? How does this qualifier and the previous affect the tone? What does this analogy mean?

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Just Walk on By essaysIn "Just Walk on By: A Black Man Ponders His Power to Alter Public Space" Brent Staples discusses his ability to alter others emotions with his presence. Staples explains his thesis throughout the essay through narratives of incidents in his life. He details numerous.

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In "Just Walk on By" by Brent Staples, the author describes the reactions of people walking on streets in response to seeing an approaching black man of the author's appearance. Staples begins by describing the first time he had noticed a negative reaction to his presence when a young woman ran.

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In the essay, “Just Walk on By,” Brent Staples succeeds greatly in demonstrating the current negative view of black men in America and the. following essay originally appeared in Ms. Magazine in , under the title "Just Walk On By." Staples revised it slightly for publication in Harper's a year later under the present title. The particular occasion for Staples's reflections is an incident that.

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Morgan Allen Ms. Mayo ENG 30 October Just Walk on By In Brent Staples’ essay, “Just Walk on By” the author describes his experiences, feelings. Bola Zaky Eng. January 17, Just Walk On By The essay “Just Walk on By” is talking about the discrimination of white people to black people.