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Research Paper on War on Drugs


❶For one, many people have been imprisoned for having been caught consuming, producing or distributing these drugs in the country.

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War on Drugs is a term used in the United States to refer to efforts by the U. Drug users were often less productive at work. Drug use was widespread in the United States in the s. And, according to the Government that reason was sufficient to justify spending the resources, time, and efforts on the war against drugs, whether it was on the United States territory or abroad. The campaign against the United States drug is part of a bigger anti-drug program aimed at the drug complete elimination, with its prohibition as a first step.

This concept was formed at the period of the Opium Wars, which main actors were China and the United Kingdom, where China wished to ban imports of British opium. This only means that the country is making further steps into the drug core.

The drug marijuana seizure in the country has been considered one of the successes by the government on the war against drugs. Reports show that in the year , the government seized a higher amount of marijuana than Mexico, where the drug dealing has been more prominent than United States for years.

From a critical point of view, this does not call for any celebration, whatsoever. We cannot depend on this knowledge as a yardstick for determining how far the United States government has gone to ensure that the nation is drug free, or at least, has its consumption level of these drugs lowered.

This report only shows that despite the attempts by the government to curb this problem, the drug is not only widely consumed in the country, but is largely produced…. If you like our example of argumentative essay, check out also other samples on EssayShark.

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We divided them into categories of various types of papers and disciplines for your convenience. And like any other major industry, competition creates cheaper prices. Hutchinson has been very vocal about his views on drug use in America. He has publicly stated the he supports the jailing of individuals who post information pertaining to drugs on the internet. He is also known to support the incarceration of drug offenders over treatment programs aimed at eliminating their addictions norml.

Is this really the type of person that should be leading America's drug war? It should first be stated that sentencing people to jail for expressing their views, even if those views are misshapen, is completely ludicrous and goes against everything that this nation stands for. Also, in the thirty years since the War on Drugs was initiated, it has been made painfully obvious that incarcerating non-violent drug offenders does nothing more cost tax payers money, fill up our already over crowded jails, and degrade the lives of these people even further.

Many countries outside of the United States have begun to try alternatives to prosecuting drug offenders. Hong Kong for instance has an amazingly effective methadone treatment program.

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Research Papers on the War on Drugs War on Drugs Research Papers go into the different programs created to help with this issue. Despite the large amount of publicity to decrease drug use in America, the war on drugs has been a failure.

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- Throughout U.S governmental history, policies have been known to affect the way of life and every aspect. The topic it choose to research is about “The War on Drugs”, the .

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Feb 22,  · War on drugs research paper. Discussion in 'Marijuana News from The USA' started by sublimestyle, Feb 21, The war on drugs research papers: pointer 4 Find out more about the theory of gateway drugs, which states that the use of one drug like marijuana inevitable leads to the use of some harder drugs like heroine.

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Research Paper on War on Drugs June 21, writer Research Papers 0 War on Drugs is a term used in the United States to refer to efforts by the U.S. government to . May 15,  · This was my research paper paper for “The War on Drugs”. Which was my first paper that I put a lot of time into, it took a lot of brain storming and thinking for me to even start writing. Enjoy. Dan Balducci. ENG1A. Prevent This Tragedy. The War on Drugs is a deep rooted controversial campaign of prohibition and military aid that has .