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White privilege Essay Examples

Essays on White privilege

❶Most of these recordings have been in the workplace and one of a… Racism.

Competition for teens in mostly white town meant to 'foster understanding'

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A said advantage enjoyed by persons of a socially privileged class based on the color of their skin. A lack of understanding and recognition of unearned privilege may lead us to lack a desire to create a diverse atmosphere, and ways we can be more aware. White privilege may affect how we interact with each other and how those who do not share such advantages are affected.

And, if so, how can we work on reducing these effects? The idea of white privilege is said to divide whites and blacks into their own economic categories. While white people are given opportunities and benefits, dark colored skin people may be at a disadvantage to these opportunities and benefits.

White privilege is the original form of racism that has existed throughout much of American history. Whites were defined as being the superior species and blacks were considered inferior and incapable of advancing themselves.

The history of this way of thinking and racism go back hundreds of years and is the foundation of white privilege. Institutions gave preferential treatment to people whose ancestors came from Europe compared to people whose ancestors came from Asia and Africa.

The white class was granted political and economic rights that people of color were denied. These past laws and the idea of race is what have directly contributed to our social inequalities, but do social inequalities currently exist? Many people today will contest that white privilege does in fact still exist. Most often, the person contesting is a white person being accused of enjoying social privilege simply because they are white.

White privilege is a term that universally describes and views all white people as being granted with these advantages, but the majority of white people have to work hard to get to the position they desire. This seems to be accurate and may give a quality argument to white privilege. Although, for white people born with greater resources it may be hard to see, and may not feel privileged or more powerful than others.

Growing up comfortable and privileged may just be a way of life that we take for granted, unconsciously knowing we do. Skin tone, Status and Inequality. However; white privilege does vary depending on many factors. This may include sex, age, socioeconomic status and others. White skin may in fact be the favored group in our society. Statistics have shown white men and women hold more power positions than black men and women.

We may be unaware that being white matters, but we still participate, intentionally or not. In her essay Seeing and Making Culture, Hooks, describes what it is like growing up poor. Also, it was as if she was implying most black people are poor and white people portray an economic class privilege image.

She does acknowledge white poor people, but seems to focus on being black and poor. The essays claim is the way we see and judge poor people, but it makes an attempt to acknowledge disadvantaged poor black people as well.

This is an example of the way humans group other humans, stereotyping by race. As a white person we may feel being viewed as white and privileged people will automatically think we are spoiled jerks. The creation of our system in which race codes superiority over others has been bestowed upon us. We must remind ourselves this system is not based on each individual white persons intentions to continue claiming that white privilege is rightly ours.

Regardless of our personal intent the effects are the same. Our society, throughout history, sees white as normal and all other races as different from normal. For example, if I buy a box of band aids that say flesh color, I know it means the color of my white skin. White people have been educated to understand our culture and our race as being the social norm.

Social norm is defined as beliefs within a society of appropriate behavioral expectations. Comedian Chris Rock often talks of white privilege, and uses the issue in his stand-up routines almost always. Racism is so deeply rooted in our society. Is it even possible for people of any skin color to just look at people as humans? It is assumed, no matter our skin color, we gravitate to people who look like ourselves.

This includes personality, religion, morals as well as features. We are naturally attracted and comfortable with people who resemble ourselves. This seems like a normal behavior. Most all humans are guilty of making judgments against another before knowing or learning anything about the person. This applies to people of all groups and of any color for many different reasons.

It is an unconscious act, and a part of our human nature. White privilege is an unwilling and non-owned racism that has been ingrained into our mindset throughout history. Racism comes from both sides. People of all colors are continuing these behaviors and racism continues to be a modern day battle. Racism is affecting us all. If white privilege is inequality among races it is creating dysfunctional relationships between races. Many black people feel white people have an obligated duty to clean up the racist messes they have created throughout history.

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In an essay entitled "White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack-, Peggy McIntosh goes on to list many items in her argument of white privilege. The root of her premise is that being a white person elicits subconscious advantages in society/5(7).

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% FREE Papers on White privilege essays. Sample topics, paragraph introduction help, research & more. Class , high school & college. - - Page 3. White privilege is the unremitting belief that this group has the only correct standards, morals, opinions etc. to the absolute exclusion of any other racial groups ideals or beliefs. In the enforcement of these standards greater and greater societal distances are built up between the white and the non-white .

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In Westport, Conn., the town’s diversity council invited students to write essays detailing the impact of white privilege on their lives – a topic which some residents find offensive. Feb 03,  · White Privilege Essay Friend: United States and White American been around since the lands of America have been discovered which, is the concept of White Privilege.