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Harrison Bergeron Thesis

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❶If there was just some way we could make a little hole in the bottom of the bag, and just take out a few of them lead balls.

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The reader learns that there is a constant struggle with the people in the society who are smarter being able to think on there own for a short while to only come and find themselves lost, since their handicaps have kicked in and made their thought process vanish.

The absence of uniqueness and diversity are not present and formality and same-ness is enforced and therefore accepted. All humans can never be truly equal in the eyes of the world. Hazel tells George that she thinks he looks tired. If there was just some way we could make a little hole in the bottom of the bag, and just take out a few of them lead balls.

The wife tries to persuade him and convince him that he should take off his handicaps for a while and rest. George can still better understand the consequences of those potential actions and thus can still outsmart his wife by making a different decision. At the end of the story and at the climax the reader learns about the character Harrison Bergeron. The genius boy starts to plot to overthrow the handicapper General and her government.

By escaping from jail Harrison proceeds to a TV studio to proclaim his revolt to the rest of the society. Once ripping off his handicaps and the handicaps of the rest of the people in the TV studio area, Harrison began to show the joys of having talents. He asks the orchestra to play their best so he and the ballerina can truly make a wonderful dance and experience what music is supposed to truly be.

As the wonderful music is played and the elaborate dance proceeds, the Handicap General herself storms the studio and kills the ballerina and Harrison instantly and orders the orchestra to put on there handicaps immediately or they were to be killed. All this time the Harrison family consisting of Hazel and George are watching all of these actions unfold on TV about their son. The author wants to show that not even the parents of a murdered child can grieve over his or her death.

This handicapped world of equality just may be one without love and one without knowledge and uniqueness of individuals.

All humans can never truly be equal, be able to express and grasp feelings, and convey their own personal uniqueness. While one person can reason better than another, an equal society thus cannot exist. He dies because he chooses not to conform to the rest of his oppressive society. Harrison is aware that by going to the television station is the best way to begin his rebellion. The impact of television upon society, with its violence and bloodshed, is making a negative impact upon young viewers.

This new world represents total conformity, where people like George must wear weights and radio transmitters which play loud noises to hinder their intellectual development. Alvarez is making the statement that it is ironic of the government to enforce equality to everyone but themselves. The government does not make themselves equal to the rest of society, but higher than the rest of the population. The Handicapper General displays a slave driver approach, in which they use physical discipline to keep everyone in check.

Equality is an instrument of social control that the government places upon the masses. However, no matter how much oppression takes place, it cannot destroy the human spirit.

Harrison is the perfect example of this kind of rebellion.

Harrison Bergeron Essay

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In "Harrison Bergeron" by Kurt Vonnegut, Vonnegut argues that if people continue on the righteous quest for equality (racial, gender, educational), they won't end up with quite what they wanted. He argues this through: humor, satire, and an ending that is not as happy as everyone wants it to be.

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- Uniformity and Deformity in Harrison Bergeron In this essay, I will attempt to explore what Kurt Vonnegut illustrated in his short story "Harrison Bergeron"--the fact that uniformity (of any kind) leads .

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Essay Unit 2 Harrison Bergeron: A Reader’s Response The words Harrison Bergeron for the title of this short story can be described easily by three words: perseverance, determination, and freedom. The . Comp 31 August Single Paragraph Essay “Harrison Bergeron” “Harrison Bergeron,” written by Kurt Vonnegut Jr. focuses on equality—physically and mentally—strongly controlled by the government in the year ; the beautiful are forced to look ugly, the .

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