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Writing and Recognizing Sentences with Compound Predicates and Subjects

❶In this case, the subject of the sentence is not clear. How Many is Several?

"There" is Not the Subject

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What is a Subject?

In this case, the newspaper article was written by the journalist. The bolded part of the sentence is the predicate. It shows what the newspaper was, and includes the phrases that describe being written by the journalist. When categorizing subjects and predicates, you have two options. They can either be simple or compound. The different is evident when you analyze the subjects or predicates separately.

Simple subjects are subjects that have only one actor. Usually this means the subject does not have the word and. It does not matter what they do, just that there is only one. See the following examples.

The words in the parentheses after the sentences are the simple subjects:. When the subject does only one thing or is only one thing , that is a simple predicate. Most of the time, this means that there is only one verb. As a result, simple predicates usually do not have the word and , or only have and as part of a modifying adverb. See the following examples the predicates are in parentheses:. As a contrast to simple subjects and predicates, compound subjects and predicates are those that have either two people or things doing an action, or two actions that are performed.

The compound subjects have two or more people and things doing an action. The trick to understand here is that the two or more people does not include nouns that are plural.

For example, a sentence where the parents are taking the children to school does not have a compound subject. There are usually two parents, but grammatically, they are represented by one word. It is the same thing with a phrase like a herd of elephants, which represents lots of animals but grammatically is only one herd. Compound predicates are similar.

They need to include two different actions two verbs that the subject or subjects do. See the examples below:. Do you understand the difference between subjects and predicates, simple and compound? Try your hand at the ten questions below. The answers are included at the bottom of the post. Answers to Test Yourself. In this case, the student and his parents are both objects of the verb told.

This is a command, but it clearly is addressing more than one person. That makes it a compound subject. With this and any other question, the easiest way to identify the sentence parts is to rearrange the words. Make the sentence more like a statement. The verbs are split in this sentence, but there are still two actions that Kevin did.

Even though Brian was with his parents, the word with makes the phrase with his parents a prepositional phrase, not part of the subject. E-mail is already registered on the site. Please use the Login form or enter another. You entered an incorrect username or password. If you are interested in improving your English grammar skills, it is important for you to be able to identify these different sentence types. You may also wish to visit some useful online English language sites - while many of these are for students of English as a second language, many are useful for examples and tests on grammar, for those who wish to improve grammar in their first language.

The definition of a compound subject is: A compound subject has multiple nouns or pronouns, and it is usually a part of a word or a conjunction. You will notice that by combining the subject here shoes and feet , it improves the sentence by making it simple. The definition of a compound predicate is: A compound predicate is quite similar, and is defined as a predicate with more than one verb, that is joined by a word or conjunction. Identifying Compound Subjects and Predicates in a Sentence An easy way to recognize a compound subject in a sentence is to look for more than one subject.

For example, in this sentence: An example is in the sentence: Things become a bit more complex when we are introduced to a sentence that has both a compound subject and a compound predicate: Thanks a bunch, you saved my neck!!! Get a Price Type of paper: Please specify the deadline in advance, to have some time to review the paper.

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The predicate of a sentence is based on the simple predicate, which is the verb. All the other words in the predicate tell more about the subject, and some of the words can modify the verb. In the example above, the word “was” is the verb, and therefore it is the simple predicate.

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