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Goal 14: Life Below Water

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❶They also act as important food sources for both other marine life-forms and humans. Oxygen gets dissolved in water.

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Man cannot survive underwater because there is too much pressure at that level which makes breathing extremely difficult. The density of water also causes many difficulties at that level. As the underwater depth increases, the visible light starts diminishing. The colour spectrum is speedily altered with increase in depth. In greater depths underwater, the temperature remains very low because of minimal heat energy reaching that level.

Sound also travels almost four times faster in that level. The vast number of plant species underwater forms a beautiful ecosystem. The plants which stay underwater depend upon the light coming from the sun for their growth.

They also draw the atmospheric carbon dioxide from the air above and convert them into oxygen. The flora below the surface of the water adds to the aesthetic beauty.

These plants sometimes span vast lengths below the surface of the ocean. The microscopic organisms which remain in the sun-lit areas of the underwater surface are called phytoplankton. They depend upon the minerals for survival. Phytoplankton serves as the basic food of the aquatic animals. Other creatures existing underwater are fish, sharks, whales, sea snakes, jellyfish, smaller aquatic animals etc. These creatures have built-in gills for breathing and their eyes enable them to look forward as well as sideways.

Some of the creatures found underwater are carnivorous in nature and eat other aquatic animals for their survival. The life underwater is no less rich than the life on the surface of the water or the terrestrial life.

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Here is your paragraph on Life Underwater! Introduction: The realm below the surface of the water where the water remains in a natural state like in oceans, ponds, lakes etc. form the underwater. Paragraph on Life Underwater- by Anand.

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