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“The Possibility of Evil” by Shirley Jackson Essay Sample

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Envy, greed, lust – all examples of “evil” things done by us all; nevertheless, what is evil? Can we stop it, and if so, are we obligated to?

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“The Possibility of Evil” summary and analysis Essay Sample The possibility of evil Shirley Jackson’s “The Possibility of Evil” is a short story about a seemingly sweet little old woman, living in a small town with a house and prized bed of roses outside that has been in her family for three generations.

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“The Possibility of Evil” by Shirley Jackson. Shirley Jackson is known for her wicked short stories and novels. Essay Comparison of A Rose for Emily and The Possibility of Evil Words | 5 Pages A Rose for Emily and The Possibility of Evil In the short stories “A Rose For Emily,” by William Faulkner and “The Possibility of Evil,” by Shirley Jackson both authors create similar characters and settings that illustrate daring images of evil.

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Smith 1 John Smith ENG2D March 5 The Possibility of Evil: Critical Response Journal The Story, The Possibility of Evil is a truly interesting story that demonstrates the evil of a community that seems almost perfect. Similarly, in “The Possibility of Evil” by Shirley Jackson, Miss Strangeworth reveals her cruelty through writing letters while, in “The Snake” by Ervin D Krause, the .