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Drama Paper on Trifles – Susan Glaspell Essay

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❶Hale, the audience learns that John Wright was a hard man.

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Trifles Thesis Statements and Important Quotes
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The Court Attorney is notoriously male chauvinist and believes that he needs to make a big story on the murder because the jury is lenient when it comes to women. The Sherriff and the Attorney do not believe that women have equal intelligence and capabilities. They believe that the women place was downstairs while they investigated the real crime themselves. The men do not think that the women can be of any use in solving a crime and they can only do knitting and home making.

The women could only stay in the kitchen and pack items as advised while they did the real investigation. She was going to—what is it you call it, ladies? Wright was famously known as Minnie Foster. She used to wear pretty clothes and was one of the liveliest girls in the whole town.

But that—oh, that was thirty years ago. Symbolically she was the sweet bird and her character was as colorful as her clothes. Her life however became a bed of loneliness when she married Mr. Minnie Foster loneliness and sadness lead to isolation from the rest of the town. With many years of marriage, Mrs.

Wright life was empty; there was no joy that comes with children. Although she used to be Minnie Foster the singing bird that was very happy and colorful all that was finished by Mr. Hale says, Just like the way the bird was killed, that was the same way the bird in Mrs.

She used to sing. He killed that, too. The two women understand how life could have been lonely and horrible for Mrs. Wright was quite lively in her younger days but in her later life she was not even a member of the ladies club.

The loneliness in the farmhouse is representative of the loneliness in Mrs. Hale attests to the loneliness in Mrs. Wright life that had no friend. Hale knew that she needed help because she knows how it gets with women, she could have visited. We live close together and we live far apart. Hale, the largest crime was letting Mrs.

Wright get into loneliness. Hale wonders who will punish her for her crime of not visiting Mrs. That was a crime! Resistance, Revenge and liberalization From the start of the play women have been oppressed, looked down upon and crushed by male chauvinism and stereotyping.

However by the end of the play, the women put up a resistance, avenging for their oppression. After years of loneliness and hardship from her husband, Mrs. Wright puts a rope in his neck while he slept. It is also revengeful considering what happened to her best companion, the sweet bird. The birds canarian voice made her forget about the cold and hard husband. This is symbolic since it puts a stop to her life of loneliness and mistreatment by her husband.

The two women make a discovery that unravels the death of Mr. Although the men believe they are more intelligent and the only answers to the death lies in their investigation, the two women make a discovery that liberates them. They carefully conceal the only evidence that could connect Mrs. Wright to the murder. They understand how hard and horrible Mrs.

I know how things can be. The women resist against the status quo of male chauvinism, dominance and superiority. They outsmart the men in their own game. The women gather more helpful clues to the murder and conceal them while in a big way changing the odds in finding Mrs. As the play started the women were far apart but found themselves tied together due to the stereotyping by men.

At the end of the play they are unified in protecting their kind which they well achieve. When the State Attorney asks them if they have found out whether its knot or quilt, Mrs. The women at this point talk in conformity with one another since they know they have an advantage over the men.

After realizing the loneliness in Mrs. Hale regrets why she never protected her from isolation and solitude. She clearly atones this by protecting her from the male sarcacism on homemaking and the act of concealing the dead bird. But you and Mrs. I suppose you were friends, too. However the same wife conceals evidence from her husband who represents the law.

This is a start of her rebellion and struggle to resist her husband domination. Significance of the play This play is significant since it acts as a mirror of the society we are living in.

The play is important in understanding feminism. It depicts the plight of many women and their lonely lives. Although it was written many years ago, it is still relevant since it presents the problem faced by many women across the globe. It follows the struggles that the modern women undergo in their quest for equality. The play is significant in literature due to its excellent use of different drama elements in a coherent manner.

Although the play is short and one-act, it encompasses different elements to keep the audience glued. The play effectively applies symbolism as a key pillar to draw parallelism between dominated women and simple animals like a bird. Use of imagery is present throughout the play which casts the work as a literary masterpiece.

The play uses simple patchwork techniques like quilt, sort and knot to create imagery for strong actions like murder. The drama also delivers different themes coherently and uses the onstage characters to deliver qualities of the other characters without them appearing on the play. This connects the audience to everything that is happening on the play.

The writer can only be hailed as a genius in drama. Outside criticism of the play The murder of Mr. Wright is a big mystery at the start of the play. Hale starts being questioned, the audience has no clue on who could be behind the murder. At the end of the play, it is clear that Mrs.

Wright had the motive and is definitely the killer. However all information given on Mrs. Wright originates from Hale. What if he was lying? The writer prefers to have Mrs. Wright as an off stage actor therefore everything we learn about him is from a third party.

Critics have argued whether Mr. Hale could be behind the murder it and maybe she framed Mrs. The location of the play could be criticized as being small and confined considering the magnitude of the themes being highlighted in the play.

Considering the relevance of its themes of gender differences, male domination and equality it could have had a bigger impact if it was done in a large setting and with more players. Conclusion The play Trifles utilizes play expositions, characters, dialogue, symbolism, language and themes to present real life problems that have faced many societies for long.

The play is an excellent piece of literary work that forwards the issues of equality, male domination and women suffrage. It also looks at the different perceptions women have when making decisions.

Susan Glaspell focuses on the fact that women are treated as insignificant and they are actually the most valuable when making decisions or solving a situation. Evidence of this is on page one in the first stage direction when the Sheriff, the county Attorney, Mr.

Hale and the women entered the house. Here, it is clear that the men were the first to enter the house and the women stand close together near the door. This symbolizes that the men perceived themselves to be higher than the women in terms of authority so the women lagged behind due to this. The symbolism of this is that the men had no regard for the women and because women are mostly associated with the kitchen as it is where they are most dominant and it is considered to be their comfort zone.

Wright did not show any care or love for her. He only did what made him happy and took away all that made her happy. As a result Minnie always had to try things that could make her feel happy because she felt like a prisoner in her own home. Whenever she cleans her husband did not care because in those days women had to carry heavy buckets of water to do their household duties. Her husband just came from the farm and wiped his dirty hands in her clean towels, this showed Mr.

Wright is inconsiderate because he knows Minnie has to go through a lot in order to keep the house clean and tidy. Also, because Minnie Wright did not sew one of her quilts properly gave the women a hint that she was not being treated fairly by her husband.

Minnie was diminished in the eyes of others because she was socially isolated from her friends and neighbors. This means that Mrs. Hale was good friends with Minnie Wright but because of her husband she did not feel comfortable being there because he did not treat her good.

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Susan Glaspell’s Trifles - The first reading I enjoyed was Susan Glaspell’s “Trifles”. The main character in the plat is a sheriff, his wife, the county attorney, and Mr. and Mrs. Hale.

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Keywords: trifles essay, essay on trifles, trifles play analysis The play "Trifles" emphasizes the culture-bound notions of gender and sex roles, specifically, that women were confined to the home and that their contributions went unnoticed and were underappreciated.

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Trifles demonstrated that the emerging popular genre of detective fiction could be used for higher artistic aims. Glaspell achieved this in part by the technical perfection of the play: Trifles is one of the classics of the one-act form. Trifles essays are academic essays for citation. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of Trifles by Susan Glaspell. The Unheimlich in Susan Glaspell's Play Trifles: A Feminist Interpretation of Freud's Uncanny.

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