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❶But those scores were not good enough to override the opinion that my true abilities lay in math and science, because in those areas I achieved A's and scored in the ninetieth percentile or higher.

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In this, each language is the means of expression of the intangible cultural heritage of people, and it remains a reflection of this culture for some time even after the culture which underlies it decays and crumbles, often under the impact of an intrusive, powerful, usually metropolitan, different culture. However, with the death and disappearance of such a language, an irreplaceable unit in our knowledge and understanding of human thought and world- view is lost forever.

This does not necessarily mean that they are monolingual themselves, and many of them are global research nomads, holding jobs all over the world, often making the usual rounds in rapid succession, from Britain or USA or Canada to Sydney or Singapore or Hongkong, etc.

This means that these researchers have mostly never experienced that their own dominant language has bee n threatened. At the same time, they are often not aware or do not want to be aware of the market benefits that they themselves have access to because of being speakers of dominant languages. Often they take both these benefits and the fact that others are learning their language in a non -reciprocal way, for granted, and are not willing to in any way compensate speakers of dominated languages for these non -earned benefits; they are linguistic free-riders as Philippe van Parijs puts it This compensation would obviously be fair, even in terms of thetypes of justice that many lawyers accept.

Several researchers have started discussing issues in these economic compensation terms e. Grin b, , van Parijs In describing arguments used to answer the question why anybody, including society as a whole, should bother about maintaining minority languages, Grin differentiates between moral considerations arguments and welfare considerations arguments. Being nice is not a very convincing argument and is less persuasive than rights and freedoms that have the weight of the law behind them.

Home Essays Mother tongue education. You should know that my mother's expressive command of English belies how much she actually understands. She reads the Forbes report, listens to Wall Street Week , converses daily with her stockbroker, reads all of Shirley MacLaine's books with ease—all kinds of things I can't begin to understand. When Amy Tan recalls growing up, her mother would have Amy speak on the phone, pretending to be her mother, so that people would take her more seriously.

One time Amy did this with her mother's stockbroker. More recent to this story, her mother had been diagnosed with a benign brain tumor, but when she went to the doctor's office, the CAT scan was lost and no one was remotely concerned with her need to understand her prognosis—having lost a husband and son, both to brain tumors. Amy's mother refused to leave the office until someone called her daughter.

When this occurred, everyone was much more cordial with Amy than with her mother: In both cases, the perception based on her mother's "limited" English gave people the idea that Amy's mother wasn't very bright, or worse, was not worth their time. This is the sociological aspect of language.

When Amy first decided she wanted to be a writer, she was not encouraged to do so: English was her second language, and the peculiarities of the language which confuse native English speakers, such as analogies often confused her. When she began to write fiction, she made a conscious decision to write to a specific audience: Her mother gave her praise that meant a great deal to Tan:.

I knew I had succeeded where it counted when my mother finished reading my book and gave me her verdict:

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Mother Tongue, by Amy Tan - mother tounge Author: Heather Simon Created Date: 8/1/ PM.

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Mother Tongue by Amy Tan Words | 5 Pages. broken English speakers depends on their perceptions. Sadly, most of the times, the gate is shut tight, like the case of Tan’s mother as she discusses in her essay, "the mother tongue.". In her essay, "Mother Tongue," Amy Tan shares her discoveries about the different variations of English she learned growing up in an Asian-American household, and then reflects on these findings. Amidst the essay, Tan shows the reader that racial profiling still exists, even in a time where every person is promised freedom and equality.

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The essay “Mother Tongue” was originally published in The Threepenny Review in and also included in The Best American Short Stories , edited by Joyce Carol Oates. In this essay, Tan is likely to reach out to immigrant families that went through similar hardships on communication that she and her mother experienced. mother tongue essaysNot all people who speak the English language speak it the same way. A language can be subdivided into any number of dialects which each vary in some way from the parent English language. "Mother Tongue," an article based on the power of language; without standard langu.